Water project Asemkov

The water pump in the fishing village of Asemkov had been defective for years. The women and children used to walk to a murky pond  outside the village to collect water, which caused substantial health risks. Diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhus as well as various parasites spread through unclean water. Upon inspection by the Madamfo foundation, the pump appeared irreparable. Fortunately, the foundation had recently received a gift from the Lyceum Elst, which turned out to be sufficient to place a new pump. This was installed in January 2022 and provides clean water for the village community.


Renovation school Butre

A hundred and eighty-two children from the village of Butre go to school every day in the village. The school building was at risk of collapse. The parents of these children are often poor, and the children receive a meal at school. The area used for cooking was very small and dark, without running water or electricity. In 2019, the school was renovated with the help of the village community. In February 2020 the renewed school’s opening was celebrated

New pharmacy Madamfo specialist hospital

The hospital pharmacy is currently housed within the outpatient clinic. However, patients, also those from outside the hospital, disrupt the running of the outpatient clinic when collecting their medication. In addition, through an increase in available medicines, the pharmacy has become too small. And finally, there is no 24/7 pharmacy in the Takoradi region. All the more reason to set up a larger pharmacy outside the hospital building. An existing bungalow on the hospital grounds was chosen. This is conveniently located along the main road, making the pharmacy easily accessible to patients. In December 2019, renovation of this building was finished. The new, modern pharmacy will be open 24/7.

X-ray machine in Madamfo Specialist Hospital

2018:The foundation finally has an x-ray machine! The unit had already been prepared, and under the expert guidance of a Ghanaian engineer who was trained by Philips, the machine has been connected and tested. This offers patients improved examination and treatment facilities. In addition, patients from surrounding hospitals will also be able to come to the Madamfo Specialist Hospital for x-rays.


Extension Madamfo Specialist Hospital

The extension of the Madamfo Special Hospital could be completed in 2015. A third floor was added to the hospital building. This was necessary to establish a laboratory, room for a doctor on call and extra bed capacity. Local authorities, the Wild Geese foundation, service clubs and numerous individuals supported our project. Recently the hospital got the approval to train medical students and residents (in urology/ surgery). We are very proud being certified as a teaching hospital. The various teaching modules will be set up in close cooperation with the University of Cape Coast.

Madamfo laboratory in use

A container with medical equipment was transported to Ghana recently. Medical technicians were able to install laboratory equipment. Through this effort the Madamfo Specialist Clinic is fulfilling the conditions to apply for the certification to be a teaching hospital. Medical students will be welcomed to gain experience in the medical field.

School Techimentia

The Techimentia community has lodged a request for the expansion of one of the primary schools with 2 classrooms. The need has also arisen to renovate the existing school.

After discussions with teachers and parents, it was decided that the village community would be responsible for redecorating the school. In the meantime, this has been done to everyone’s satisfaction. The Madamfo foundation has supervised the extension and Wilde Ganzen has promised to help finance it. In November 2011, the opening of these two class rooms was celebrated. Another 6 class rooms were constructed with our support. The opening in December 2013 was attended by a delegation of the Madamfo board.

Medical equipment Takoradi clinic

Some of the equipment in the newly constructed clinic at Takoradi badly needs to be replaced. The introduction of new kinds of medical treatment involves the purchase of the necessary medical instruments. The project will be completed in the spring of 2015. The Wild Geese organization will support this project.

Medical equipment was sent to Ghana by container in November 2014. The ultrasound equipment, the sterilizer and the endoscopic unit arrived safely in Takoradi. The availability of the equipment is unique in Ghana.


Since 1992, the Hand in and community in Nkoranza has offered shelter to handicapped and abandoned children. There are more than 80 children and teenagers living there. The community is completely dependent on donations. The Madamfo Foundation will give an annual donation commencing in 2010.

There was an urgent need for appropriate materials and computers. These were provided in 2010 thanks to ASML Foundation. There was in 2012 a complete renovation (electricity, re-roofing, water supply) with the help of Wilde Ganzen and the Thom Foundation. In november 2012 the Madamfo Foundation received 7500 euro from the Thom Foundation. This amount is used to construct a new bungalow. Wilde Ganzen also contributed an amount of 5500 euro for this project. The Jacobushoeve donated in 2013 the amount of 1700 euro.  The Madamfo Foundation decided to contribute to the solar panel project in 2014.

Techimentia school funds

Some families cannot afford the school fees, schooluniform, books etcetera for their children. The children are unable to complete their education. Madamfo had a fund for these children.

Hartoperation Harriet

Five year old Harriet was born with a serious heart defect. She needed to undergo an operation which could not be performed in Ghana. The operation took place at the beginning of August 2011 at the LUMC. The Open Hearts for Kids Foundation played a big part in making this possible. The Aviation Sans Frontières Foundation took care of the flight from Ghana to The Netherlands and the return flight. The money for the operation and Harriet’s stay in The Netherlands was covered by contributions from a large number of companies, as well as private donations. The operation was a success and Harriet returned home after six weeks of rehabilitation.

Madamfo's car

Madamfo’s car is nearing its end. It is over 10 years old and it has been decided to buy a new one. A new Toyota Hilux has been purchased at a discounted price. December 2010 two board members drove it to Ghana. The car was handed over to the local board.

Secondary school Efutu

The secondary school in Efutu (near Cape Coast) provides secondary and vocational education for a large area. The school is recognised for its high standards and each year sees its enrolments increasing. Consequently its facilities need improving. In 2009 the school suffered considerable damage as a result of a tropical storm. The Madamfo Foundation is committed to helping the school repair and upgrade its facilities (including the construction of a library and computer room).

Work on the construction of a girls’ dormitory has commenced. Furthermore, a spontaneous collection from Mr and Mrs Latten from Brunsum has produced 6 computers for the school. And 26 laptops from the Candea College are also sent to Efutu. January 2011 the project was visited. The building of the dormitory for female students is near to completion. On November 2011, the Madamfo board members were able to admire the dormitory and new library. The construction of the new kitchen was completed in March 2012.

Takoradi Hospital

Henry Atawura studied medicine in Ghana. On completing his studies, he went abroad and specialised in surgery and urology. After returning to Ghana, he established himself at the regional hospital in Takoradi in 2003. For some years now the Madamfo Foundation has supported him by supplying a great number of medical instruments, including an ultra-sound scanner. In  March 2006, Lisette van de Bilt, board member and registered nurse, visited the hospital to teach the nursing staff how to use and service the new equipment.

Since Doctor Atawura has started working at Sekondi hospital, there has been an increase in the number of patients. In the meantime, the number of patients has increased so much that the outpatient department at Sekondi can no longer meet demand. Patients not only from Ghana but also from the neighbouring countries are coming to Sekondi with very diverse (mostly tropics related) complaints. The only solution to the existing situation was to build a health care centre (an outpatient department, examination room and day centre) for basic care and small scale surgical operations. Construction began in 2007. At the beginning of 2009, the structural work was completed and a start made with the final stages. Shortly after the planned clinic was ready, it became apparent that a further extension was necessary. A number of large companies in the area requested that their personnel be treated in the clinic. This meant that a 24 hour care and a general practitioner was required. An extra story has been added to the existing building and the clinic is now in use.

Public toilets in Techimentia

To improve hygiene in the village of Techimentia 4 groups of toilets are build (2005 till 2007). These are hygienic latrines especially developed for the tropics, the so called Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pitlatrine (KVIP). These toilets do not require a fresh water flow yet they are effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Water project Techimentia

Techimentia is a village with ten-thousand inhabitants. The population live from small scale agriculture. Tropical diseases are widespread, the main ones being malaria and gastrointestinal diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. The main underlying cause of these diseases is an unsafe water supply. During our visit there we noted that there was only one pump which functioned and this was far from being in good condition. For the rest, the villagers were dependent on polluted water from little streams and ponds which could only be reached after a long walk.

There was an urgent need for 5 so-called boreholes from which clean water could be pumped. For the villages in the area around Techimentia, another 5 pumps were needed.  Preliminary investigations to ascertain if there was enough water in the ground which could be accessed by a hand pump – a so-called geophysical survey – were favourable. The boreholes were drilled in 2003/2004 by a Ghanian company in co-operation with the village community. Without further cost, a villager was trained to take care of the maintenance.

Extension secondary school Techimentia

Techimentia has a big secondary school. The classrooms are used intensively. The staff requested (2002) the Foundation to support a modest extension. With the help of the Madamfo Foundation a library/study hall was built for the pupils. Lessons are held in the library and there is also adequate room for reading and studying.

Mother- and childclinic Twabidi

Twabidi is a village in the bush lands of central Ghana. The living conditions are very primitive. Electricity, reliable water supply and sanitary facilities are absent. The inhabitants survive from small scale farming. The health situation is alarming. The child mortality rate is high and tropical diseases occur frequently. Augustina Ahiaku a midwife/nurse practitioner has realised a health centre/mother- and child clinic in the village. She takes care of the most basic healthcare, such as simple medical treatment, vaccinations , pregnancy checks and health education . The Madamfo Foundation has helped to finance the necessary instruments and furniture for the clinic.

Mother- and child clinic Kensere

For many years now, Liesbeth Appiah Kusi has received a modest financial contribution for her mother- and child clinic in Kensere. This is situated in a remote area where no other medical facilities are present. The local population is poor and often incapable of paying even the small fee which is asked for treatment. An extension to the clinic has also been supported.

Car project

Techimentia is a remote village without hardly any public transport. Now and then a taxi passes the village. For the chief and his elders it is almost impossible to attend regional meetings and stand up for the interests of the village community. Furthermore, villagers needing medical care which cannot be provided at the health centre are unable to reach a hospital. With this situation in mind, the village council turned to the Madamfo Foundation for help. The board purchased a Mercedes-Van and had it shipped out.

New primary school Techimentia

In 1998 we received the request for help with the rebuilding of the primary school. During a work visit to Ghana it was established that the small primary school only consisted of a concrete floor with some poles supporting a corrugated iron roof. During lessons, the children sat on the concrete floor. There was no furniture and the roof was leaking. After reaching an agreement with the chief and the elders, plans were made: the necessary work was provided by the village and the Madamfo Foundation financed the building materials. A primary school with 12 classrooms was built.