The origins of the Madamfo Foundation

The Madamfo Foundation was founded by Wim Levens in 1997. With long experience as a tropical doctor in Ghana, Wim made many contacts there. During the first few years, the assistance offered was small scale. However as the cries for help increased, the need to organise assistance to Ghana on a professional basis arose. To this end, the Madamfo Foundation was founded in 1997. De boardmembers do not receive payment for the activities carried out for the foundation. Visits to Ghana are on their own expenses. Madamfo is the Ghanese word for friend. This theme lies at the heart of our foundation which is based on building a good relationship with the people of Ghana.


Aim and operating procedures

The aim of the foundation is to extend aid to projects in Ghana. The members of the board undertake their work pro deo. Travelling expenses are not refunded by the Foundation but are paid for by members personally. The projects in Ghana are visited by a delegation of the board every year, during which the current situation as well as  new projects are discussed. All of the projects are executed in close co-operation with the local people. The Madamfo Foundation believes that in the process of selecting projects, the starting point must be the input from Ghana.



The working capital of the Madamfo Foundation is generated by fundraising. The Foundation receives help from private individuals, companies, co financing organisations and service clubs. The activities undertaken in The Netherlands include extending information by means of publications, verbal presentations and the organisation of special events. All the proceeds go to projects in Ghana. No costs are levied.


Annual report

For information about the annual report please contact us: info@madamfo.com

Click here  for the annual report 2019.

Click here  for the annual report 2020.

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The Madamfo Foundation is cooperating with other organisations. The Ghanese Madamfo foundation has recently been established. Increasingly, more organisations are choosing to leave the application for a project, as well as its implementation and responsibility, in the hands of the partner in the country where the project is going to be realized. The board in Ghana consists of: Henry Atawura, Victor Addy and Daniel Asante.



The Madamfo Foundation compiles an annual report and account so that it is clear to the benefactors how the funds are being used. Since 2005 the Madamfo Foundation has been officially registered as an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation). This means that the Ghanese Authorities periodically check the effectiveness of its activities.